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Multidrug resistance (MDR) contributes to the failure of chemotherapy and high mortality in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). We aim to identify MDR genes that predict tumor response to chemotherapy. 199 NSCLC fresh tissue samples were tested for chemosensitivity by MTT assay. cDNA microarray was done with 5 samples with highest resistance and 6 samples with highest sensitivity. Expression of ABCC3 mRNA and protein was detected by real-time PCR and immunohistochemisty, respectively. The association between gene expression and overall survival (OS) was examined using Cox proportional hazard regression. 44 genes were upregulated and 168 downregulated in the chemotherapy-resistant group. ABCC3 was one of the most up-regulated genes in the resistant group. ABCC3-positive expression correlated with lymph node involvement, advanced TNM stage, more malignant histological type, multiple-resistance to anti-cancer drugs, and reduced OS. ABCC3 expression may serve as a marker for MDR and predictor for poor clinical outcome of NSCLC.

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