Evidence for polyreactivity seen with monoclonal antibodies produced against type II collagen

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Specific type II collagen monoclonal antibodies are needed for the quantification of articular cartilage collagen. In this study we produced and characterized 29 type II collagen monoclonal antibodies. Hybridomas were generated from mice immunized with rat type II collagen, selected for high antibody production against type II collagen using ELISA. Antibodies from selected and cloned hybridoma cells were purified by affinity chromatography and their reactivity tested by ELISA against a panel of antigens including actin, thyroglobulin, and single stranded DNA, all of which have been used to characterize the 'naturally occurring antibodies'. It was found that many of the anti-type II collagen monoclonal antibodies reacted to more than one antigen. The monospecific antibodies had higher affinity to type II collagen than the antibodies which demonstrated multireactivity. Because of the prevalence of polyreactive anti-type II collagen antibodies, it is advisable to employ highly selective methodologies to isolate high affinity monospecific antibodies to type II collagen. © 1991.

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Journal of Immunological Methods