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Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Glucitol-core containing gallotannins (GCGs) are characteristic constituents of the red maple (Acer rubrum) species. To pursue the development of red maple for nutraceutical applications, GCGs-enriched red maple leaves extract (MLE) was evaluated for its effects on obesity, gut dysbiosis and short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) production. Our results demonstrated that MLE alleviated high-fat diet-induced obesity, reduced body weight gain and fat mass, improved liver steatosis and insulin resistance, and mitigated adipose hypertrophy and inflammation. Additionally, MLE increased total SCFAs, acetic acid and n-butyric acid content, but exerted no impact on propionic acid production. Moreover, MLE modulated gut microbiota community structure and certain bacteria relative abundance, including Prevotella and Eubacterium. Our work firstly reports a potential association between colon-derived SCFAs production and metabolic improvement due to GCGs-enriched red maple leaves extract administration, and highlights the utilization of red maple gallotannins as a dietary ingredient for preventing obesity and related metabolic diseases.

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