Organization and developmental timing of the Bombyx mori chorion gene clusters in strain C108

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We have standardized the map of chorion structural gene clusters in Bombyx mori strain C108 by analyzing quantitative and qualitative chorion electrophoretic markers in recombinant progeny from four independent crosses. In all we assigned 22 markers to three gene clusters, representing about one‐third of the total number of chorion genes: 2 to Ch 1, 9 to Ch 2, and 8 to Ch 3. Three additional markers belong either to Ch 7 or Ch 2. By referring to published chorion protein synthesis patterns, we show that the clusters are restricted in their developmental specificities: Ch 3 appears to be an early locus, carrying all of the mapped early markers (4) and half of the early middles (3/6), while Ch 1 and Ch 2 carry predominantly middle (4/5) and all late, Hc (6) markers, along with some early middle markers (3). We cite evidence to show that Ch 1 and Ch 2 compose the left and right halves of a single gene cluster, which we formally designate as Ch 1–2. Copyright © 1989 Wiley‐Liss, Inc.

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Developmental Genetics