Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Fisheries, Animal and Veterinary Science

First Advisor

Saul B. Saila


The catch rate and species composition of a multispecies reef fishery around Santiago Island, Cape Bolinao, Philippines, was studied from June to December 1986. Three fisheries were monitored, hook-and-line, spear and trap fishing. A total of 144 species were caught in the gears. One hundred twenty-seven species were represented in the catches of the trap fishery. One hundred one were present inside the reef lagoon. The family Sigandae contributed 42.2% of the total catch outside the lagoon. The hook-and-line fishing was dominated by lethrinids (69.8%), specifically Lethrinus rodopterus. Spear fishing was dominated by Siganus canaliculatus, contributing 83.7% of the total catch.

The catch rates for the trap fishery were 0.129 kg/haul, 0.131 kg/haul inside and 0.127 kg/haul outside the reef lagoon. The catch rate for the hook-and-line and speat were 0.589 kg/line hr. and 1.33 kg/man hr. respectively. The size composition and length-weight relationships for the most abundant species of the three fisheries are discussed.

The fish yield of a reef area of 9.06 sq. km to the 15-m isobath was 2.46 mt/sq km during the rainy season. The annual fish yield was estimated to be around 4.17 mt/sq km yr.