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Is a New Epoch Possible?

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Deniz Atik is Associate Professor of Marketing, İzmir University of Economics (İUE), and founding co-editor of Markets, Globalization & Development Review. Dr. Atik’s research interest focuses on transformative consumer research and macromarketing, specifically theories of fashion, sustainability and vulnerable consumers. She has been contributing to well-recognized academic marketing journals with her academic work, and teaching marketing and consumer culture related courses in USA, Japan, Italy, France, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Nikhilesh Dholakia is Professor Emeritus, University of Rhode Island (URI), and founding co-editor of Markets, Globalization and Development Review. Dr. Dholakia's research deals with globalization, technology, innovation, market processes, and consumer culture. His recent works, in collaboration with A. Fuat Fırat and Ruby Roy Dholakia, focus on issues of postmodernity, choice and choicelessness.

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