Boundedness, global stability, and periodicity of some difference equations

Norman Ray Prokup, University of Rhode Island


We investigate the boundedness, persistence, and global behavior of solutions of the perennial grass model xn+1=axn+bxn-1e-x n,n=0,1,&ldots;, where a∈0,1, b∈0,∞ , and with positive initial conditions x−1 and x0. ^ We also investigate the boundedness, the global stability, and the periodicity of solutions of the nonlinear second order rational difference equations xn+1=axn+bx n-1A+xn,n =0,1,&ldots; and xn+1=axn+bx n-1A+xn-1, n=0,1,&ldots; where the parameters a,b , and A and the initial conditions x −1 and x0 are nonnegative real numbers. ^

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Norman Ray Prokup, "Boundedness, global stability, and periodicity of some difference equations" (2000). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI9988232.