Investigation into 3D earth structure and sources using full seismic waveforms

Brian M Covellone, University of Rhode Island


Seismograms are the result of the complex interactions between a seismic source, a propagation medium and the seismograph's response. Through the use of 3-dimensional modeling and full seismic waveform data, we quantify and minimize errors associated with the source and propagation medium within our data sets. We compile a new and unique earthquake catalog for the Middle East that is openly available to the public. We quantify the benefits of using a 3-dimensional model relative to a 1-dimensional model to minimizing error in earthquake moment tensors and identify where in the waveform 3-dimensional models outperform 1-dimensional models. Two new and unique 3-dimensional seismic wave speed models are computed for the Ontong Java plateau and eastern North American margin.Both models are significant improvements to the resolution of wave speed structures in the crust and upper mantle and provide new information for the evaluation of tectonic features.^

Subject Area

Geology|Geophysics|Marine Geology

Recommended Citation

Brian M Covellone, "Investigation into 3D earth structure and sources using full seismic waveforms" (2014). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3631474.