Managing marine resource use conflicts: Marine sand mining in Korea

Tae-Goun Kim, University of Rhode Island


Management of conflicts between resources uses is a major focus of research in environmental economics and a major concern for decision makers and affected parties. While economic simulation models and quantitative methods can be used to improve the information available to decision makers regarding efficient resource uses and the distribution of gains and losses, the analysis of natural resource systems and the services they provide raises very complex issues. This is because such analysis must include not only an appropriate economic framework but also must integrate economics with relevant information from related disciplines, such as fisheries, aspects of geology, and perhaps other sciences which provide can information needed to understand better marine sand mining and its many potential consequences. ^ Hence, the analysis of issues like the resource-use conflicts associated with marine sand mining are especially challenging because of the need for relevant data of affected resources and the many sources of uncertainty associated with the consequences of mining. Ocean resources such as marine sand, fisheries, and habitat are complicatedly inter-related in terms of marine biological and physical systems. This means that development of marine sand should be managed by considering these linkages—if mining is to reflect its full social costs. Yet, limited economic analysis of linkages between the economic and non-economic factors affecting marine resource conflicts is available, and furthermore, the affected resources are separately managed and administrated under different management Acts, particularly in Korea, the focus of this study. Thus, economic analysis which links economic methods with relevant biological and physical information can provide decision makers with useful information for developing resource management policies. ^ The main purpose of this study is to develop economic framework for contributing to efficient management guidelines for marine sand resources, taking into account longstanding, but heretofore unaddressed, concerns about the inter-related marine environmental system. The development of models that specifically consider the marine environmental linkages of resource management is required to assess these interactions. ^

Subject Area

Economics, General

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Tae-Goun Kim, "Managing marine resource use conflicts: Marine sand mining in Korea" (2007). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3284825.