Enhancing hardiness in urban adolescent males: A hardiness curriculum

Lea Beth Lockwood, University of Rhode Island


This exploratory study examined the impact of a school-based psycho-educational group intervention for 9th grade urban adolescent males. The group intervention was created to enhance measured levels of hardiness attitudes, self-esteem, and perceived social support in a sample (N = 51) of high-risk adolescent males attending an alternative high school in Providence, RI. Approximately half of the sample (n = 22) attended the eight-week intervention. Participants were given the Personal Views Survey - Third Edition, the Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale, and the Child and Adolescent Social Support Scale as both pre- and posttests. Although no impact on the treatment outcomes was found, additional research is deemed warranted. Results of this study provide some insight into an initial attempt to increase hardiness, self-esteem, and perceived social support through an intervention. The suggestions offered hope to educate others in the future on how to design a hardiness curriculum. ^

Subject Area

Education, Educational Psychology|Psychology, Clinical

Recommended Citation

Lea Beth Lockwood, "Enhancing hardiness in urban adolescent males: A hardiness curriculum" (2006). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3276994.