Using the optical microscopy imaging method for studying electromigration

Linghong Li, University of Rhode Island


Electromigration is a microscopic phenomenon involving electric field-induced diffusion, which is very relevant to damage in interconnects. A common method to monitor interconnect degradation is through electrical resistance measurements, which requires direct electrical contacts. It is desirable to develop non-contact methods to monitor electromigration damage formation. In this thesis, we propose a novel Optical Microscopy Imaging Method (OMIM), and we provide a theoretical description and experimental results. OMIM not only provides a new method for studying electromigration, but also provides a useful method for studying other micro-devices and materials in a non-contact mode. ^

Subject Area

Physics, Condensed Matter

Recommended Citation

Linghong Li, "Using the optical microscopy imaging method for studying electromigration" (2005). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3186910.