A multi-level approach to individual readiness to adopt entreprise resource planning software

David Edouard Desplaces, University of Rhode Island


This study seeks to expand our understanding of individual readiness to change and its antecedents. Individual readiness to change is explored and measured as a three dimensional attitudinal construct. Antecedents to change are explored including both the objective and subjective context of change. ^ Participants were faculty members at a university in the northeast part of the U.S. who were scheduled to use E-Campus, an internet-based portal application designed to assist them in managing their courses including grade submission, class rosters and access to student specific information. Data were collected using a mailed questionnaire. ^ The results indicated no relationship between objective and subjective contexts as posited, but it did identify positive relationships between perceived work setting for change and both perceived organizational support and organizational membership readiness to change. Furthermore, the research results also indicated a positive relationship between perceived organizational support and both the cognitive and behavioral intention dimensions of individual readiness, while perceived organizational membership readiness to change had a positive relationship with the affective dimension of individual readiness to change. A post hoc analysis indicated a direct relationship between perceived work settings for change and the three dimensions of individual readiness. Results emphasize the complexity of individual readiness to change. Implications for future research and managerial implications are discussed. ^

Subject Area

Business Administration, Management|Psychology, Industrial

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David Edouard Desplaces, "A multi-level approach to individual readiness to adopt entreprise resource planning software" (2004). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI3135900.