Digital state space control of the quadruple-tank process

Daniel T Desautel, University of Rhode Island


The research represented in this thesis pertains to applying digital control to that of a Quadruple-Tank Process via implementation of State-Space theory. Having arranged the tank apparatus into the desired configurations of both the Coupled and Quadruple-Tank Processes, a mathematical model was applied that properly represented each systems' dynamics. From these dynamical equations linearized state-space models were formed, which would be the basis for computer aided control and simulation. Through software application of a linear state feedback tracking system both tank processes were able to be successfully controlled. Complex control issues regarding plant saturation and integrator wind-up are addressed giving way to a more responsive system that is stable under a larger range of unanticipated modeling errors. Analysis of the systems performance has shown good results in both simulation and experimental application to the Quanser Lab Tank Systems. ^

Subject Area

Engineering, Electronics and Electrical|Engineering, Mechanical

Recommended Citation

Daniel T Desautel, "Digital state space control of the quadruple-tank process" (2014). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI1555642.