El totalitarismo en la novela "El Senor Presidente"

Ana Laura Ibave, University of Rhode Island


There is remarkable parallelism between the novel written by the Nobel Prize-winning Guatemalan writer Miguel Ángel Asturias and the perspective of the Jewish-German philosopher Hannah Arendt. Asturias represents in his novel El Señor Presidente the cruelty of the different totalitarian dictatorships experienced by Latin America in the 20th century. Each fictional character corresponds with a social prototype described by Arendt in her political philosophy of totalitarianism. My thesis will take the political theories of Arendt's thought and use them to analyze the figures of the dictator and his people, represented in Asturia's novel and inspired by the 1898–1920 presidency of Manuel Estrada Cabrera.^

Subject Area

Literature, Latin American|Latin American Studies|Political Science, General

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Ana Laura Ibave, "El totalitarismo en la novela "El Senor Presidente"" (2012). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI1509720.