Automated GIS routing network for oversize/overweight vehicles

Alison Steere, University of Rhode Island


The objective of this project is to describe the development of a GIS-based system for routing and permitting oversize and overweight (OS/OW) vehicles. Various geographic information system (GIS) layers are obtained from the Rhode Island Geographic Information System (RIGIS) as well as the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) GIS Unit to develop the foundation of the network. These layers are modified to ensure connectivity of roadways and bridges, appropriate roadway restrictions for turning and one-way travel, and proper roadway elevations. They are also supplemented with vehicle and route information from the online application, bridge information from Pontis, and travel advisories from the RIDOT Traffic Management Center (TMC). In addition, a model is developed to link the network directly to a structural analysis program for bridge capacity checks. The network includes 16 major routes associated with OS/OW vehicle travel extending from CT to MA. In total, about 3,400 roadway segments and 1,000 bridge points are modeled.^

Subject Area

Geodesy|Engineering, Civil|Transportation

Recommended Citation

Alison Steere, "Automated GIS routing network for oversize/overweight vehicles" (2012). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI1508320.