Tension control in metallic web processing

Helder Morgado Falacho, University of Rhode Island


The purpose of this thesis is to provide equipment designers and manufacturing engineers with the fundamental knowledge necessary to understand tension control in the processing of metallic webs, emphasizing the applied aspects of this technology leading to a procedure to select methods and components to assist on the design of these systems. ^ In addition to the data collected through the time it took to write this thesis and the self knowledge gained during this time frame, extensive research was done on the various methods used to build these systems using related equipment manufactures applied data, with focus placed on the different methods used to generate and control web tension. ^ As a result of the execution of this project, a body of knowledge was compiled and is presented in this text to assist equipment designers and process engineers better understand this technology and a systematic procedure using layouts and block diagrams was developed to assist in selecting methods and components to design tension control systems in general for the metallic web processing industry. ^

Subject Area

Engineering, Electronics and Electrical|Engineering, Mechanical

Recommended Citation

Helder Morgado Falacho, "Tension control in metallic web processing" (2011). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI1491457.