Graphical user interface for antimicrobial peptide database

Tripti Garg, University of Rhode Island


This thesis describes the design and implementation of Anti-Microbial Peptide Editable Database (“AMPed”), a tool to enable researchers to efficiently search, display, manipulate and store data about antimicrobial peptides. The tool is implemented as a secure website, created primarily using PHP and MySQL. The website exposes the data collected from a wide variety of sources via a set of common rules and nomenclature making it easy and intuitive for researchers to work with it. The website was evaluated on a variety of web browsers, as well as with a variety of users. It solves the need of non-technical users who spend hours searching and correlating relevant peptide data from a variety of sources for their research needs. This thesis primarily focused on creating and normalizing the database, creating modular search queries and building the web interface. This thesis also introduces a new way to document components of complex and interactive webpages.^

Subject Area

Bioinformatics|Computer science

Recommended Citation

Tripti Garg, "Graphical user interface for antimicrobial peptide database" (2016). Dissertations and Master's Theses (Campus Access). Paper AAI10100281.